• Drake wakes up*

Drake:Yao!Yao!Zunka called everyone in the Main Tribe Circle!

Yao:Ok,I am coming!

At Main Tribe Circle:Edit

Zunka:Here's everyone,then I'll start!Pshich Tribe is gonna attack us soon.We must all prepare.Now,about the parents,take your kids outta the place.Take them to Arhaam Lake,and hide them in the secret cave under the lake.That's the only place they'll be safe.

Drake:*whispers to Yao*We're gonna be attacked?We must go to an cave?

Drake's Mom:Come on Andrew,we must go to Arhaam Lake.

Yao's Mom:You too,Yao!

  • Pshich Tribe arrives*

Drake's Mom:Drake!Yao!Run!Run to the hiding place!

  • Drake and Yao escapes,and right after that,Pshich Tribe blocks the exit,and no other kid could run*

At Arhaam Lake:Edit

Drake:Zunka said that the cave is under the Arhaam Lake...

Yao:But I don't know how to swim....

Drake:Now that you mention it,neither I do...

Yao:Hey,why don't we visit The Old Master.He can give us Pokemons,and then we could get to the cave.

At Old Master's house,near the lake:Edit

Old Master:Who's there?

Drake:It's me,Drake!

Yao:And Yao!

Drake:Our tribe was attacked,and we must get to the cave under the lake.

Old Master:Many tribes wants to conquer Poke Falls.They want to kill all the Pokemon there....


Old Master:I am too old,and everyone in Arnogh Tribe is under an attack....You are the only chances!You must go to save all the Pokemons from Poke Falls!Creselia,the queen of Poke Falls can help you with your tribe,but if some tribe destroys the place,and kill everyone there,Creselia will die,and Arnogh and the whole region will just dissapear.And the only way to get trough the region is go to the cave under the lake.

Drake:But we can;t do it alone!

Old Master:You can do it along with Pokemons!I have 3 here.You can choose one.Charmander,Bulbasaur,or Squirtle.

Drake:I choose Charmander

Yao:I choose Bulbasaur

Old Man:Good Luck!