Drake:Ok,now we got A Pokemon,but still,how do we get to the cave?

  • Buuyehgf*

Yao:That comes from our tribe!

Drake:I don't know how to swim....

  • Some evil tribe horse is hearing like coming after them*


  • Yao and Andrew jumps in the lake,and swins towards the secret cave*

Drake:Phew!We're safe!

Yao:This journey won't be long....

Drake:You're right!We must only....get to the other side of the region...yea....that isn't that short... 

Yao:But let's have fun while we're on it.

DrakeFun???The future of our tribe,of the pokemon,and of the whole region depends on this.

Yao:Yea....right.Let's go then!

Drake:Where's the exit?


Drake:Cool!A zubat!Gonna catch it!

Yao:You forgott just a little little little thing....WE HAVE NO POKEBALLS!

Drake:*facepalm*Ugh,how could we forget to ask the Old Master to give us some??

Yao:Ugh,we must return to his house.

Drake:We can't.Pshich Tribe may still be around.It's too dangerous.


Drake:Well,even with no Pokeballs,I must fight this Pokemon,otherwise it won't let us pass!Go in there Charmander!Use Scratch!

Zubat*being hit**uses Supersonic*


Drake:Charmander,use Scratch again!


Drake:Huh?Why won't he attack?

Yao:It was that attack he used!Supersonic!It made Charmander confused!

Zubat:*Uses Leech Life*

Drake:And that;s it?I cannot attack?

Yao:Not for the time being.

Drake:Then what do we do?Until we defeat this guy,we can't get past trough. Yao:Hmmm...I know!Go Bulbasaur!Use Tackle!


Yao:Haha,that's how you do it!

Drake:What do I do now?My Pokemon is Confused!

Yao:Here,give this special water to Charmander.It automatically heals your Pokemon,and all the status will be gone.


Charmander*drinks the potion*Char-cha-char-man-der-mander!!!!(I'm felling better,ready to kick some buts!)

Drake:What's that shining behind the stone?

Yao:Let's check...They're....10 Pokeballs!

Drake:Well,I guess this is our lucky day.Let's both take 5.