Pokemon WAAR UP

Pokemon War Up Series takes place in the past.Arnogh Tribe is attacked by Pshich Tribe,and destroy the hometown of Arnogh Tribe,they must go on a journey to find a new place to live in.The perfect place would be "Poke Falls",which is on the other side of the region.Pokemons are all over the region,but Poke Falls is the place they started up living.Arnogh Tribe wants to live here,to take care of the pokemons here,and live along with them.But many other tribes heard about it,and wants to conquer PokeFalls,and kill all the Pokemons here,and create their base here.Arnogh Tribe must now get here first,and fight any evil tribes they meet on the way.There are 8 tribes in total.

Episode List:Edit

  1. The Land of Arnogh
  2. The Hidden Cave
  3. Light Out
  4. McGunther's Farm
  5. Grass Tribe!Green Tribe Duo!
  6. Grass Tribe!The Real Challange!
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