Drake:They took it.....

Yao:Stay calm Drake!We'll meet them sometimes again,and we'll rescue Mareep.

Drake:But the problem is that we must protect all the Pokemons,but we only have 2 Pokemons.Mareep would had been an good allie,but I couldn't take him...We can't save the world only with 1 pokemon each.

Yao:Calm Down,Drake!It's not like we will never meet any other Pokemon in our journey.

Drake:Yea,I guess you're right!YAO!LOOK!THE EXIT!

Yao:Yay!We're finally out!

Drake:What the.....

Yao:Wow,how many Pokemons....

Drake:There are over 20 here....

McGunther:This is my Pokemon Farm.

Drake:And you are?

McGunther:I am Older McGunther.

Yao:Where did you got all thoose Pokemons?

McGunther:I caught them when I was a kid.

Drake:Hey look!That Dratini looks like shining.

McGunther:Yea.He isn't shiny,but he is somewhat special.

On  A Cliff:Edit

Orhem:A special shining Dratini?

Zara:Let's take it!

  • Orhem and Zara jumps off the cliff,in the farm*

Orhem:Cutting off all the grass,

Zara:Attack with all of our powers,

Orhem:It's us!It's us!

Zara:It's us!It's us!


Zara:And Zara!

Orhem:We will bring grass to live.

Zara and Orhem:Green Tribe Duo!You'll have no chances!

Orhem:There are that many Pokemons...and we'll take every single one!

Zara:Every single one!And that includes the special Dratini.

McGunther:Who are you?

Drake:GREEN TRIBE DUO!What are you doing here?

Orhem:We're gonna steal all thoose Pokemons.

Yao:No!We won't let you!And also,free the Mareep!

Orhem:Hhaha!How think we'll do that.Go,Oddish!


Drake:Humph,You just won't give up,won't you?Go Charmander!

Yao:Go Bulbasaur!Use Tackle on Oddish!

Drake:Charmander,use Ember on Tangela!


Drake:Well,that was fast!

Zara:WHAT?How could a kid just....

Orhem:Finish them both,Oddish!Use SleepPowder on them both!

Yao:Oh no!They're both asleep!

Orhem:Now,if you excuse us,we're gonna take all thoose pokemons.*catches them all in a G Ball*

Zara:Orhem!Over there!You forgott that one!The shining special Dratini!

Yao:Noo!Not the Dratini!Bulbasaur,wake up!!!!

McGunther:Here,Yao,Drake,take thoose.They'll wake up your Pokemons.

Yao:Awesome.Take this,Bulbasaur!

Drake:You too,Charmander!

Yao:Cool.Now,Bulbasaur,use Vine Whip to push the G Ball somewhere else!

Bulbasaur:Bulba!Saur-bul-ba!(Yes,Mam)*pushed the G Ball in other direction*

  • The G Ball changed direction,and hit Drake*

Drake:Ouch!What was that for?


Orhem:Tsk.You dare to  try to stop our plans?Then you must pay for that!Go,Mareep!


Orhem:Use Thundershock on Bulbasaur!



Drake:Huh?What's up with that bracelet?

Orhem:That's the work of the G Ball.The G Ball is a stealing Ball,so the only way to keep Mareep under our possesion is with that bracelet!

Drake:So If I destroy it...that's it!Charmander,use Ember on the Bracelet!

  • Bracelet brokes*


Drake:And now I can take Mareep!Go Pokeball!!

///Mareep gets caught///

Drake:Oh yea!

Zara:Humph,you defeated us now,but we'll return!*leaves*

McGunther:Thanks for saving my Dratini,Yao!As a reward,I am giving you the Dratini!

Yao:What?Really?Thanks Older McGunther!Go Pokeball!

  • Dratini jumps in fron of the PokeBall*

///Dratini gets caught///


Drake:That's pretty awesome!We both got our first pokemon today!


McGunther:Take this too!They're 2 stones!Both of you take 1!Search for my brother,near the middle of the region.He'll give you other 2 stones!

Drake:What are they for?

McGunther's:...You'll see!