Drake:Where is that exit?I am already tired of walking trough this cave...It;s...

Yao:Scary?You're afraid?

Drake:Whaaat?No,of course not!!!!!

Mareep:Marreee-Ree-mareep-reep-ep-mar!!!!(I am lost and afraid!Please help me!)

Yao:What does a Mareep does in the middle of this cave?Electric Pokemons shouldn't live in there. Andrew:Who cares?I'm gonna catch.....ugh..where did I put the Pokeballs?

Yao:They are in your hands ._.

Drake:Oh yea!

Yao:( ._. Stupid ._.)

Drake:Go,Charmander!Use Ember!

Mareep:*Dodges**Uses Thunderschock*


Unkown Girl:Hahahah!Look at thoose fools!

Drake:What did you said?

Unkown Boy:They try to catch that Mareep,with the lame Pokeballs!Hhahah!We are way more advanced!Go Psyduck!

Unkown Girl:Go Zubat!Use Leech Life on Mareep!

Unkown Boy:Psyduck,use Tackle on Mareep!

Unkown Girl/Boy:Keep Attacking!Atack 10 more times!

Yao:What?That'll hurt him!

Unkown Girl:Hahaha!Like we care.Launch the G Ball!

Drake:G Ball?

Mareep:*Gets Caught*

Unkown Boy:Now that we already got Mareep,we can reveal our identity.My name is Orhem.

Unkown Girl:My name is Zara.Here's our motto:

Orhem:Cutting off all the grass,

Zara:Attack with all of our powers,

Orhem:It's us!It's us!

Zara:It's us!It's us!


Zara:And Zara!

Orhem:We will bring grass to live.

Zara and Orhem:Green Tribe Duo!You'll have no chances!

Drake:Green Tribe??

Yao:Green Tribe..that's the Grass Typed Tribe!It's one of the tribes that wants to conquer Poke Falls!

Zara:That's right!We are Green Tribe Agents.We're called Green Tribe Duo!

Orhem:Now,if you excuse us,we're gonna leave,and we take our newly force-catched Pokemon!

Drake:No!Let it free!You're a grass tribe!Why you need Mareep?

Orhem:We have our reasons.Bye Now!