Drake:Yao!Here we are!Grass Tribe!The Home-tribe of Orhem and Zara....

Yao:We gotta defeat all the 8 tribes in order to save Poke Falls.And this is one of the 8 tribes,so we must defeat them too.

Drake:Right!But I wonder if we're strong enough...

Yao:We have two pokemons by our side each!Plus,you have a fire Pokemon.

Drake:Oh yea...we can win then!

Orhem:I doubt it!

Zara:So do I!

Drake:Green Tribe Duo!

Orhem:You thought you can enter in our tribe and defeat us?

Zara:Well,you were pretty wrong!We have high security!We're the security!And we won't let you inside!

Drake:Oh yea!Tell this to my Fire Typed Pokemon!Go,Charmander!

Yao:Go Bulbasaur!

Orhem:Fire Type or not,we're gonna win!


Zara:You'll see!



Orhem:Oddish,use Sleep Powder on Charmander!

Zara:Hhahaha!Now your little fire pokemon is useless!Tangela,use Tackle on Bulbasaur!


Orhem:This was easier than I expected

Yao:It's not done yet!Bulbasaur didn't yet fainted!Drake,take this Antidote.It wakes up Charmander.

Charmander:Char!(Thanks!Now I am ready to kick some butts!)

Drake:Charmander,use Ember on Oddish and Tangela!

  • both faints*

Orhem:Humph!That was just the first round!Be ready to face our real Pokemons!Go,Bayleef!


Orhem:Now you two are death!

Drake:Not really!Go Mareep!

Yao:Go Dratini!

Orhem:4 vs 2??That's not fair----I like it!Let's go!

Drake:Charmander-Ember!Mareep-Thundershock=On Bayleef!

Yao:Bulbasaur-Vine Whip!Dratini-Tackle=On Grovyle!

Drake:What?It almost didn't hit them at all!



Orhem:Two kids,against 8 tribes---Hhahahah!The winning is not posible!Poke Falls will be ours!You can't stop us!

Yao:We can stop you!None of our Pokemons fainted yet!The Battle is still on going!

Drake:Wait...where are Bayleef and Grovyle?


  • Bayleef and Grovyle comes from the air,and hits Bulbasaur and Mareep*
  • Bulbasaur and Mareep faints*

Drake:Tsk!So it's only Charmander and Dratini in the game now....

Orhem:Correction-----Bayleef,use Razor Leaf on Dratini-----

  • Dratini Faints*

Orhem:---Only Charmander is in the game!


Zara:Accept it!This is the end!Hhahahaha!!!